A conversation about how Joe Biden won the election, how Trump lost it, what the media had to do with it and what this means for the future.

Welcome to the latest podcast from The Private Citizen. I hope you’ve brought some time, because today we are analysing the 2020 Presidential Election results in the US (as we know them thus far) and how the election was, or was not, influenced or manipulated. As with my pre-election coverage, I bring on my good friend Mike for a hardy, and lenghty, discussion of the matter.

The Situation Room

A few days after Düsseldorf had enacted a new policy mandating face masks have to be worn in public at all times – I talked about it in episode 46 – a local court had overturned the policy as illegal. The city council had then pulled the policy altogether .

The German total lockdown law passed the Bundestag and Bundesrat today and was signed into law in the evening by Bundespräsident Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

US Post-Election Analysis

On this episode, Michael Mullan-Jensen joins me again. After our pre-election special, we now discuss the situation after the 2020 Presidential Election in the US.

If you prefer to see how the podcast sausage is made, there is also video on demand version of the livestream I did of the interview.

Some of the things we talked about: Current popular vote counts, Glenn Greenwald on the Hunter Biden laptop story, Stacey Abrams' work to register voters in Georgia, Gallup on Americans' distrust of mass media, the media’s payback against Trump, media narratives, Trump is the golden goose, Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act

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Producer Feedback

Barry Williams reports in from Adelaide:

We thought we were safe but after only ~20 cases we are going into a hard lock down. It’s only 6 days but I am pissed off. Not with most of the lock down. I get out of work for 2 days (as an essential worker I get to go back early). What has got me pissed is I can’t go for a bike ride. It makes no fucking sense. I rarely come into contact with anyone and I pass at a distance, I am outdoors so chance of transmission is low. Everyone I talk to about this say it is just for 6 days but still it should make sense. I have written to my MP so see what happens.

Steve Hoos says:

Dude, I’ve listened to the last two while you made them but I’m several episodes behind on the podcast but I will listen to them all again. You’re knocking it out of the park and we’re not paying you very much so go easy on yourself. And damn it when you do come to Texas you got a place to stay near Dallas and beers for you and the wife.

Captain Egghead continues our discussion of OTG content for the show:

Regarding exploration of tracking-free devices, and your idea about getting relevant people on the show, I assume that actual dissidents are unlikely to agree to that. I hope that some listeners with sufficient technical knowledge would step up, but another option to consider is the creators of such devices.

If you, too, have thoughts on the topics discussed in this or previous episodes, please feel free to contact me.

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