In a timely, and very long episode, fellow critical thinker Michael Mullan-Jensen and I discuss the upcoming US Presidential Election, how voters might be manipulated to change its outcome and what it means from a privacy perspective.

Welcome to a new episode of The Private Citizen, the second one for this week. As part of my interview series, I’m talking to Michael Mullan-Jensen again. Mike was on the show before, debating problems in modern journalism with me. This time, Mike and me discuss the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election, how propaganda plays a part in manipulating it and what that means for society as a whole.

A video of the live stream of the podcast recording is available on YouTube.

A Discussion about Elections and How They are Manipulated

I have a very long discussion with Mike about the election in the US next week, Brexit, Cambridge Analytica, propaganda and ways to disrupt or manipulate elections. On the way, we naturally discuss the Vote Leave campaign in the UK and the race between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the US at length.

Here’s a list of the source we referred to directly or indirectly in our discussion:

MikeFarb on Twitter: #unhackthevote Supreme Court Justices, Religious Fundamentalists And Bots

VelvetBlade on Twitter (via Threader): It’s time. I’m dropping docs on SCL, Cambridge Analytica & AggregateIQ + others. This is a big subject & people need to be able to find this information.

See also: 270toWin: Pennsylvania, Wikipedia: Crossfire Hurricane (FBI investigation), Wikipedia: Aleksandr Kogan, Wikipedia: Roe v. Wade

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