Howdy partner! The Private Citizen is a weekly data privacy podcast by veteran tech journalist Fabian A. Scherschel. On the show, I analyse news stories about the surveillance economy, data breaches and tracking technologies, all from the viewpoint of the pragmatic consumer.

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Episode 28: Journalism in Crisis

A discussion of the current state of journalism around the world and how it impacts all of our lives with my good friend and fellow critical thinker Michael Mullan-Jensen.

Episode 27: Concluding the Coronavirus Coverage

As things are slowly returning to some semblance of normalcy in Germany, this episode of the podcast reflects on how our perception of privacy and of our rights and freedoms has changed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Episode 26: When a Bank Starts Gaslighting People

German payment processing company Wirecard is currently falling apart under a criminal fraud investigation after 1.9 billion euros went missing. What is lesser known, is that the company, which got its start by processing gambling and porn payments, also apparently ran psychological warfare campaigns to silence whitleblowers.

Episode 25: Launch of the German Contact Tracing App

Yesterday, Germany launched its coronavirus tracing app. I discuss how the app was tested and why it was launched so soon after having been finished.

Episode 24: Take Care What You Upload

How social smartphone apps like Strava, Polar and even Untappd can leak sensitive information about highly secret subjects by logging the runs and rides we take and even the beers we drink.

Episode 23: The German Contact Tracing App Examined

Taking a close look at the source code of Germany’s contact tracing app, which was recently published by SAP and associated developers.

Episode 22: Stand Together, Not Divided

A plea to forgo thinking in categories such as ethnicity or skin colour. We can only reach a just civil society by understanding that we are all in this together. There is no privacy without humanity.

Episode 21: The SAP Contact Tracing App & Other Madness

SAP has released the first bits of source code for the German coronavirus tracing app. In the meantime, the public is being distracted to get mad at anything but the actual causes of their problems.

Episode 20: The Happy Plumbers Who Know Everything About You

Almost a quarter of US consumers have given a company access to their bank account that they probably have never heard of. This shadowy company, which is collecting all of this data on financial transactions is called Plaid and they are coming for your bank account next.

Episode 19: Fighting the New Normal

Another update on the use of coronavirus tracing apps all around the world and on crazy things happening on the ground in the containment zones of Europe.