Howdy partner! The Private Citizen is a weekly data privacy podcast by veteran tech journalist Fabian A. Scherschel. On the show, I analyse news stories about the surveillance economy, data breaches and tracking technologies, all from the viewpoint of the pragmatic consumer.

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TPC 48: Trump, Biden and the Role of the Media

A conversation about how Joe Biden won the election, how Trump lost it, what the media had to do with it and what this means for the future.

TPC 47: The German Total Lockdown Law

The German Bundestag is about to debate far-reaching legislation that will permanently enshrine coronavirus-related restrictions into law. In this episode, I examine this law’s privacy and civil liberty implications.

TPC 46: Fighting Hate Speech vs. Fighting Free Speech

Police raids across Europe to fight hate speech sound like a good idea. But what does “hate speech” actually mean? And does fighting it actually help? Or will it endanger your freedom of speech and maybe even your privacy?

TPC 45: Quid Pro Quo

In a timely, and very long episode, fellow critical thinker Michael Mullan-Jensen and I discuss the upcoming US Presidential Election, how voters might be manipulated to change its outcome and what it means from a privacy perspective.

TPC 44: With the First Link, the Chain is Forged

As Germany is heading into another lockdown, our government now wants to search our homes without a warrant and due process. Why? Because they suspect illegal partying is going on. Also: More on the Cyberbunker case.

TPC 43: The Cyberbunker Case

German prosecutors have opened criminal proceedings against the administrators of the bulletproof hoster Cyberbunker, which was raided by police last year. This is a landmark case for all hosting companies in Germany and should be of interest to anyone looking for privacy-oriented online services.

TPC 42: California's New Privacy Law

A new privacy law is being voted on next month in California. It might change the way internet privacy is dealt with in all of the US, maybe even around the world. Plus: Do Not Track is back. Maybe, this time around, it will actually work.

TPC 41: The Great Privacy Reset

The release of the UK’s contact tracing app, a major Excel blunder, the current coronavirus situation in Germany and how we are being prepared for the Great Privacy Reset.

TPC 40: Live from Düsseldorf

A discussion on what’s going on with privacy laws in the US and in post-Brexit Britain and a look at Amazon’s latest push to spy on our living rooms.

TPC 39: Bits and Bobs

An update on the Danish intelligence scandal, Google’s plans to learn all about the things you get up to in hotel rooms and how to find out if your favourite podcast is tracking your listening habits.