The Private Citizen is a weekly politics podcast covering issues of privacy and technology by veteran freelance journalist Fabian A. Scherschel. It places a particular emphasis on analysing primary sources and enabling the listener to think for themselves. The goal is to develop a pragmatic approach to problems and to possible solutions for them. While obviously coloured by the opinions of the host, the show strives to hear opposing viewpoints as much as possible.

This podcast will always be free of charge and free of advertisements. It is listener supported via Patreon under the value-for-value model. I see this as the only way to stay independent and produce ethically sound journalistic work, especially in these trying times of misinformation and partisan divisons.


I release a new episode every Wednesday plus occasionally extra episodes when the times call for it. You can subscribe to the show by searching for it its name within your favourite podcast app or using one of the following means:

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Episode 124: When Doing the Right Thing Actually Isn't

What happens when you’re a game developer and you put stupid political statements in your patch notes? Stephanie Sterling makes a video about it and you get banned off Steam. Surely that’s a good thing?

Episode 123: Electrical Network Frequency Analysis

Can you tell when an audio recording was made, down to the second, just by the electrical background hum? What sounds like a science fiction fantasy is actually real.

Episode 122: Drachenlord Defeated?

Permabanned on almost all internet platforms, Rainer Winkler has been effectively silenced off the internet. He’s also being investigated for disseminating illegal pornography. Will he give up now? And is his situation actually a free speech issue?

Episode 121: Bits and Bobs, Part 2

Catching up with some stories I’ve talked about in earlier episodes: Julian Assange, Drachenlord and the War in Ukraine.

Episode 120: Driver Disenfranchisement in the EU

The EU thinks that some lines of code, probably shoddily written, should take precedence over how the actual driver wants to control their vehicle on the road. It’s an idiotic idea and it says a lot about the people passing these laws.

Episode 119: Authoritarian Consequences of the Pandemic

The media landscape is breeding a generation of citizens that is getting taught to respect the authority of the state above all. No matter what the current issue of the day is, the pandemic, the War in Ukraine or climate change, it all boils down to a very dangerous thing: a citizenry that can’t, or won’t, think independently.

Episode 118: Non-Fungible Bullshit

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a pretty stupid idea. Not only do they legally not guarantee ownership of anything, the very idea they represent is inherently flawed.

Episode 117: Blockchain Basics

Blockchain technology is one of the biggest buzzwords in tech in recent times. But what are blockchains and what do you need them for, really? Spoiler: Not much, actually.

Episode 116: The Left's Fear of Musk

I don’t like Elon Musk. But I think him buying Twitter isn’t a bad thing. The people who do, however, are either unintentionally wrong or they are actively fighting on the side of censorship and propaganda, like the US intelligence community.

Episode 115: A Second Winter War?

What does the Russian war in Ukraine have in common with the Russian invasion of Finland in 1939? What is different? And what can we learn from this about how the current war is going?