Many people seem to think that the democratic system of government extends beyond how the state is run and into civil society. In this episode, I advance the theory that this has caused a lot of people to fall prey to propaganda and misunderstand how journalistic reporting and scientific enquiry should be done.

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Explaining Democracy

Thinking deeply about many of our contemporary problems with bad journalism, widespread propaganda and the popular misunderstanding of the concept of science by many people, I’ve come to the conclusion that a possible cause for many of these issues is a misunderstanding of the democratic system of governance by the general population.

In this podcast episode, I want to explain my theory regarding this. But before I do that, we need to examine what democracy is – and more importantly, what it is not.

Democratic Delusion in Civil Society

My theory centres around the observation of a dangerous delusion that many people seem to have fallen prey of: The idea that the democratic system extends beyond government, into civil society. This is dangerous because it leads people to fundamentally misunderstand the world they live in.

I will try to explain what this means, what the consequences of it are and why I think it is happening.

Producer Feedback

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In response to episode 153 and the question about who sabotaged the Nord Stream pipeline, SteveB says:

I think if anyone had proof that the Russians blew it up, they would be posting it in every location they could think of. The whole narrative has been “those bad Russians”, so that would only serve to help them out.

On episode 152, he commented:

In Canada, the CBC and Prime Minister were up in arms when Twitter labeled the CBC Twitter account as government funded media. The Prime Minister completely lost it in an interview over this. The CBC went after Twitter and said that they were not government funded, because they make some money from other sources. Since the CBC is in fact mostly funded by the government, you can check their financial reports and see their income for 2022, which apparently Twitter did. I almost spit my rum out when Twitter updated their government funded tag on the CBC account to 69% government funded, which is in fact backed by said report.

So, when your largest media company is 69% funded by your government, don’t expect to see stories in it that go against the government narrative or cast the government in a dim light.

c.f.: CBC/Radio-Canada’s first 2022–2023 quarterly report now available online


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