The Private Citizen — A Civil Liberties Podcast

Veteran technology journalist Fabian A. Scherschel covers the most important threats to our personal liberties, privacy rights and freedom of speech. In reporting on these issues, he draws from a decade of experience in reporting on information security topics, mixed with a healthy dose of journalism critique. The show places a particular emphasis on stories and viewpoints that have been ignored in the legacy media.

Podcast Album Art

Cover photo by GegenWind

I am aiming to release an episode of the podcast for every week of the year. I managed to reach this goal in the first two years of the show (50 episodes released in 2020, 53 episodes in 2021) but failed in the year 2022 (35 episodes released) due work-related and personal commitments. Therefore, I am trying to release two episodes a week for the forseeable future – deviating from my usual Wednesday release schedule – until I have caught up with the episodes I’ve dropped last year.

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