How following the exodus of Germany’s worst YouTuber to TikTok opened a private hell of lolcows for me. To a point where I don’t think I understand society as a whole anymore. What is this shit? And where is it all going to end?

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Drachenlord and the Future of Our Society

In response to the previous episode, Evgeny Kuznetsov said on the forum:

I’m starting to think that a big problem with people who make laws is the lack of accountability. I mean, take that issue with the teacher from the last podcast, and imagine that after reversing this law and declaring it should never have appeared in the first place, the people who signed this thing into a law would be held accountable and charged: the money spent for this long lawsuit, the damages to the teacher, etc, etc…

This is hardly feasible, of course, but I can’t see how else this “people make laws without bothering to figure out the thing they’re regulating” can be fixed.

To which Fadi Mansour replied:

Well said, but the question always remains how can you make a complex system (society) where some cannot hide behind the complexity. Again a point where some kind of cost-benefit calculation needs to be done. And on the down side: I hope human socities are not going to hell with handbasket!

I think society is indeed going to hell in a handbasket. And nothing has convinced me of this more than the TikTok rabbit hole I fell into trying to figure out what happened to Rainer Winkler after he got kicked off of YouTube.

I have obviously covered the Drachenlord phenomenon before, but nothing could have prepared me for the fresh hell this research opened up. It doesn’t happen often that I do not understand, or can even begin to understand, what is going on with a topic – especially where digital technology is concerned. But I do think I have reached this point here.


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