I’m back in the saddle. Well, at least partially. An explanation of what happened and some new developments in the Modern Solution case from a few years ago.

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On My Unplanned Podcast Hiatus

I haven’t been producing and releasing podcasts in a while. This wasn’t planned. I was just very busy with work and other things. I’m explaining what is going on and that I plan to be back on track with the show soon.

New Developments in the Modern Solution Case

An update on the story of the programmer who reported a security vulnerability to the German company Modern Solution and got trouble with the law as a thank you for it. I’ve been researching how this story is developing and also wrote about it recently:

Modern Solution: Staatsanwaltschaft scheitert mit Anklage gegen IT-Experten, heise online

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Please let me know what stories I should prioritise for my next episodes. So much has happened, it’s kind of hard to figure out where to begin.


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