In a world were computer algorithms decide what is best for us, two groups of people will exist: those who program the algorithms and those who do what the algorithms tell them to do.

On this episode of The Private Citizen we will look at AI algorithms and what the developing dependence on them means for our future.

I am still trying to release two episodes a week. I admit I am currently struggling with this. I hope I will find a way for me to make this possible.

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Artificial Intelligence & the New Caste System

With the advent of what marketing people call “artificial intelligence” (ie. algorithms that derive information from large amounts of data) comes a reorganisation of our society into two castes: Those who program these algorithms and run the companies and agencies that use them (technocrats, bureaucrats and the financial elite) and those who do what the algorithms tell them to do (consumers, politicians, activists, the media and everyone else).

And of course, there will be a group of people who refuses to adhere to this system who will rebel and fight against it – hopefully the listeners of this podcast will be amongst the first in this important group.

Producer Feedback

Butterbeans told me on Strava, of all places:

Not exactly the right forum for this, but I thought episode 130 was great, Fab!

Over on the forum, Petit-Michel wrote a nice post about his approach to understanding climate science that I want to highlight here. I think it is worthwhile and we should all collaboratively work on this. I will endeavour to create a separate post for this and keep the producers of the show updated on its progress.

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