People don’t want to save the planet, people are afraid to get inconvenienced and guilt-ridden about their childrens' future. They only care about themselves and it’s going to destroy our social welfare societies. George Carlin called it thirty years ago.

On this episode of The Private Citizen I talk about environmentalism and other injustices destroying or societies today.

This show was not recorded live on Twitch as usual and because of this, there is also no video version of this episode on YouTube. I just didn’t have the time to make it happen for this one. But rest assured, livestreams and video recordings will be back.

The People Are Fucked

These ideas about environmentalism and what is wrong with it crystallised in my mind over the last few years and also during this week, especially when I remembered this video of George Carlin, taken from his film Jammin' in New York.

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