Episode 4: Misunderstandings about TLS and Privacy

TLS, sometimes referred to as HTTPS, is often held up as being very important for privacy reasons. In most cases that is true, but there are exceptions. And blindly arguing for every website to use it without understanding the wider implications also carries its dangers.

Episode 3: Private Sector Surveillance Bleeding into Government

According to recent reporting, the US government is using aggregated location data from smartphone apps to track people. What does it mean and how do we protect against it?

Episode 2: Electronic Voting is a Threat to Democracy

In the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, the spectre of election interference in the upcoming 2020 Presidential Election was raised again and again. But everyone continues to ignore the actual underlying threat to democracy in the United States: the dangers of electronic voting.

Episode 1: The End of Privacy as We Know It

How did an anarcho-transsexual feminist hacker create software that The New York Times proclaimed might end privacy as we know it? And was he indeed the first to have the idea to scrape everyone’s photo off social media?